Creativity is key to innovation. Innovation is the lifeblood of today's businesses. Businesses that innovate stay in business.

You can't afford not to be creative, even if your work doesn't technically demand it. Creativity means you reinvent and re-imagine existing concepts; you think different. It worked for Apple and it'll work for you.

So I come to you now with an uber-simple exercise that'll heat up your creative juices. It's a twist on an old classic you might've played during long car rides as a kid: the Alphabet Game.

Here's what you do:

1. Download Snapchat (an excellent creativity tool as it is).

2. Try to spot one letter from the alphabet -- in order, lowercase or uppercase -- per day for the next 26 days.

  • DO look for letters everywhere: in the clouds; in the branches of a tree; in the way the wires underneath your desk are resting; in the curvature of your coffee mug. Look everywhere.
  • DON'T fabricate your own letters (e.g., you can't draw a "H" in the sand at the beach). Printed letter don't count either.

3. When you find a legal letter, take a picture of it with Snapchat and trace it with the app's "draw" tool.

4. Keep yourself motivated, organized and on-track by playing against a friend. You don't have to make it a competition if you don't want to, but you should definitely save your letters to your camera roll to record your progress.

The Alphabet Game is challenging yet low-effort, which makes it fun. Most importantly, it forces you to look at your surroundings in a fresh and different way.

The end result is a natural rewiring; a creativity boost -- something everyone can benefit from.

We're all creative. Even if you think you're not... guess what? You are. You might not be as good at evoking your creativity as, say, somebody that uses it to make a living, but it's there. We were all toddler artists once. Then someone said we weren't "good" or "good enough." And that hurt. Maybe it still hurts subconsciously? Maybe that's what made you suppress your creativity in the first place? Well just know that you can wake it up again with some quick and dirty exercises.

Start with the Alphabet Game. See your world differently. Peek through the looking glass. It'll work.