"Eddie can write."

And other nice things top professionals have said about me ... 


David Farquhar, CEO @ Northface Ventures

"It's a tough gig writing about a top-class professional writer, but that's what Eddie is. 

He was the latest edition to the digital/inbound marketing team and immediately had a profound impact on our ability to attract, nurture, and convert our leads. Eddie has a deep understanding of multiple content types, as well as how to plan and execute campaigns. He educated me on varying writing styles designed for the Top, Middle, and Bottom of the marketing funnel -- techniques I had never seen executed before. 

Eddie is well organized, prompt, reliable, and hugely creative. In just 12 months, the lead marketing indicators and the value of our pipeline increased 6-fold, transforming our sales potential and ultimately our annual recurring revenue (ARR) growth."


Caileen Kehayas, Director of Marketing @ Proven.com

"Eddie can write. Eddie can take material as boring and tasteless as cardboard and breathe real flavor into it.

Whenever I need an informative, engaging and dynamic piece of content, Eddie is the first guy I call upon for help. For that, I am very thankful."

Carly Stec, Editor @ HubSpot Marketing Blog

"I first connected with Eddie over a year ago when he reached out with a contribution for the HubSpot Marketing Blog. Since that initial interaction, I’ve worked with him to take a handful of his impressive contributions from ideation to publication. 

Eddie has always been responsive, efficient, and incredibly receptive to feedback — something that’s hard to come by as an editor. He was quick to develop an understanding of our blog’s audience and pivoted his work to serve not only his own goals, but my team’s larger editorial goals, too. I could not have asked for a more helpful, reliable extension of the team. 

Eddie is a truly gifted writer and I look forward to keeping up with his work."

Omer Molad, CEO @ Vervoe.com

"Eddie approaches his craft in exactly the same way we do, which is to develop an understanding of our customers' mindset and deliver an outcome that helps them succeed. His writing is therefore a natural and elegant conclusion of his immersion in the customer journey. 

When you find people who genuinely want to understand customers, don't let go."

Pablo Fuentes, CEO @ Proven.com

"Eddie has been an exceptional writer and contributor to Proven's content efforts.

Eddie writes concisely, and he engages readers with content about topics that could be otherwise dull. Eddie meets deadlines and has been very collaborative with our team. Lastly, he has cultivated great relationships, which makes his content that much easier to place.

I would highly recommend Eddie."

Ty King, CEO @ Spectrum, Inc.

Ty King.png

"Eddie is an excellent copywriter.

His passion and ability to deliver a great message that speaks to the target audience really sets him apart."


Scott Warhurst, CEO @ Studio 432 Design

"I knew what I wanted to say, but needed someone to make compelling copy out of it. Eddie was a great help, he knows what makes copy work and was able to take my ideas and edit, organize, and add to them to accomplish our goals.

Eddie gave us great copy that got results."


Svetlana Mironenko, HR Manager @ Senior Helpers

Sveta Mironenko.jpg

"We wanted copy that would set us apart and help us stand out as an employer of choice. Eddie helped us achieve that goal with several tremendous job ads. His work was different. It was fresh and cool and it jumped off the page unlike anything we've ever published. 

Most importantly, it achieved results. That's why we go back to Eddie time after time for anything and everything copy."

Larry Fedin, Partner @ Forte Group

"Eddie knows the content marketing arena inside and out. He consulted our firm, providing very clear directions as well as an action plan that was right for us -- all while making it easy for us to feel confident in his strategy. 

Eddie is an excellent communicator, educator, and strategic planner. He taught us a tremendous amount and I strongly recommend him for all your copywriting and Inbound Marketing needs. 

Charming, funny, and a pleasure to listen to."


Chris Lang, Digital Marketing Manager @ Globe Union

Chris Lang.jpg

"Eddie's charisma and ability to connect with his colleagues and clients is admirable. He's also an extremely talented writer. His unique and persuasive tone was a huge asset to our marketing department at Spectrum, helping me create marketing collateral and content that consistently generated new and recurring business. 

Eddie was also the Editor-in-Chief of our company blog. He did an outstanding job developing articles that informed clients and prospects on topics ranging from content creation to copywriting to digital marketing.

I would recommend Eddie any day."

Stephanie Keltner, Content Manager @ Google

"I had the pleasure of working with Eddie as a fellow copywriter. 

He was both a copywriting teacher and mentor during our time together, helping me refine my writing and always finding creative, thoughtful ways of communicating even the most mundane information. His passion for writing is as obvious as it is contagious. 

I would recommend him to anyone." 

Stephanie Keltner.png

Adam Bouhenguel, CEO @ IPTF


"I met Eddie while looking for a copywriter for a new landing page.

Eddie provided a solid framework for thinking about both what to say and how to say it. Eddie was great to collaborate with on both high-level strategy and low-level details like specific word choice and sentence structure.

The project has taken a positive turn thanks to Eddie's involvement and I look forward to the chance to work with him again!"

Dan Saltzman, VP @ WorkForce Software

"Eddie is an outstanding writer and very adept at messaging concisely and clearly.

I reached out to Eddie to help edit a blog article (my first attempt). He helped me reduce the content by over 50% without sacrificing meaning or messaging.

I see his material published quite frequently via social media, which has definitely helped promote company awareness and traffic to WorkForce Software's website. He's truly an asset to the company."


Rachel Thompson, CEO @ BadRedhead Media

Rachel Thompsen.png

I was thrilled to have Eddie as an expert guest on my weekly Wednesday Twitter #BookMarketingChat in November 2017 and he rocked it! Our topic: making blogging easy. Our demographic: writers and bloggers. Eddie broke it down so writers and bloggers could easily understand how to make time for blogging, branding concepts, and how to connect with readers in a relatable way. 

In fact, I've asked Eddie to write a guest post for my BadRedheadMedia.com blog and come back again at some point in 2018! Eddie's tips are easy to follow and I'd recommend his work to anyone.

Andrew Lloyd, President @ Corero Network Security

Eddie brought a whole new dimension to our marketing team at Workplace. He is an extremely gifted writer of plain, 21st century English.

Eddie invested the time to understand our brief, the personas that we were attempting to engage and adopted a voice behind his words that proved extremely effective at attracting high-quality followers to our digital/in-bound marketing content. I particularly enjoyed the e-Book series that he was the major contributor to.

I highly recommend Eddie's work.

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