I'm a Direct Response Copywriter and Content Marketer. 

My work is boiling down communication to its essentials.

I write about productivity, leadership, and copywriting, mostly.
My articles have been shared tens of thousands of times.



My writing is easy to understand. Most importantly, it convinces readers to take a specific action, anything from opening an email to requesting a product demo.

Companies hire me to create clear, concise, and compelling messages their prospects connect with, and act on.

That's how David, below, transformed his company's marketing and filled his sales funnel with leads:

David Farquhar, CEO @ Northface Ventures

David Farquhar, CEO
@ Northface Ventures

"It's a tough gig writing about a top-class professional writer, but that's what Eddie is. 

He was the latest edition to the digital/inbound marketing team and immediately had a profound impact on our ability to attract, nurture, and convert our leads. Eddie has a deep understanding of multiple content types, as well as how to plan and execute campaigns. He educated me on varying writing styles designed for the Top, Middle, and Bottom of the marketing funnel -- techniques I had never seen executed before. 

Eddie is well organized, prompt, reliable, and hugely creative. In just 12 months, the lead marketing indicators and the value of our pipeline increased 6-fold, transforming our sales potential and ultimately our annual recurring revenue (ARR) growth."

I write very good: