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              - - -  PRAISE FOR THE AUTHOR  - - -

              - - -  PRAISE FOR THE AUTHOR  - - -


"This is truly inspiring."
- Hendrick Raaths, HubSpot reader


"Every once in a while, an article comes along that glows with an internal light and an external flame. These, in combination, elevate the content in the article to a new height.
Eddie, Vonnegut's words are the glow and your takeaways are the flame. It is easy to see that in writing this article, you followed the rules you laid down. Bravo."

- Bill Johnston, (a very poetic) HubSpot reader


"Nice blog, Eddie. You engaged me when I truly didn't have the time. I'd call that compelling. You did exactly what you suggested editors do."
Pam Young, HubSpot reader


"Best post of the week."
Matt LaClear, HubSpot reader


"I'm trying this with our next sales copy. Thank you for sharing! It's simple, but genius."
- Michael Tevlin, HubSpot reader


"All these tips are great. I'm so tempted to try them myself. This information is very interesting and easy to understand."
- Priya, HubSpot reader.


"Great post! You practiced what you preached, too!"
- Michael Tevlin, HubSpot reader


Thank you, Eddie. I felt happy after reading this post.
It's purely the magic of the writer that allows one to become mesmerized by words.
- Prashant, HubSpot reader