As the Content Marketer for WorkForce Software, the second largest workforce management company in the world, I wrote engaging
eBooks about management, leadership, and technology.


Your Retail Problems, Solved

Digital Solutions for 7 Common Workforce
Management Problems Retailers Face


Written by: Eddie Shleyner

Written by: Eddie Shleyner

Workforce Management for the HR Leader's Soul

Proven Tips, Tricks & Strategies that Create Happy, Productive, Engaged Employees

The quintessential eBook for HR Leaders everywhere.


Written by: Eddie Shleyner

Written by: Eddie Shleyner

How to Manage a Modern Retail Workforce

Engage Employees & Delight Customers Using the Latest Workforce Management Best Practices

Modernize your workforce management style. This book will help. 


Written by Eddie Shleyner

Written by Eddie Shleyner

The "Making Work Easy" Trends Survey - 2017

How the Latest Workforce Management Trends Will Impact Organizations Around the World

A compilation of takeaways designed to help organizations retain happy, loyal, and incredibly engaged people.



Time & Attendance: The High Risk of Low Functionality

How to Minimize Overtime and Compliance Risks

All-in-one HR systems seem functionally similar to dedicated time and attendance solutions ... but they're not.


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