Still the best way... connect with prospects. 

You can call it antiquated technology. 

You can say it's old-fashioned.

You can say a lot of nasty stuff about email marketing...

Just don't say it doesn't work. 

Because then you'd be a liar.

Email Marketing is more powerful than ever
because it allows you to communicate with
 your prospects in a very intimate place:


But there's a catch. A trick. You ready? 

Here's what makes email marketing work:

Valuable, quality content.


Content that's delivered with
irresistible, honest subject lines. 

Content that speaks to prospects
with a recognizable, unique voice.

Content that's so specific, its target audience
can't help but consume it, love it, and share it. 


But what if you don't know
how to create content like that?

No worries, I'm in your corner.

I'm an email marketing expert.


Ty King , CEO @ Spectrum, Inc.

Ty King, CEO @ Spectrum, Inc.

"Eddie is an excellent copywriter.

His passion and ability to deliver a great message that speaks to the target audience really sets him


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