You've likely heard it before: If you're ever feeling unsure of something in life, put some:

  1. Time and
  2. distance

between yourself and whatever has you in doubt. 

Humans have a way of acclimating to their physical and emotional environments. In other words, we get used to stuff -- quick!

Putting some time and distance between yourself and a relationship, a career, a friendship, a lifestyle -- whatever -- will likely give you invaluable perspective, illuminating faults as well as strong points...

So why not put some time and distance between yourself and your writing?


Every time I finish writing something that I think is good enough for publication, I don't publish it. I don't even show anybody.

I wait.

I wait 12 hours (give or take) -- usually overnight -- until the draft is out of my head. Then and only then do I sit down to make my final round of edits.

I always find something:

Sounds stupid simple, I know. But you'd be surprised how many writers fail to give their final drafts the time and distance they need (and deserve).

Believe me, I know you're a good writer. But nobody's perfect. So go ahead, sleep on your "final" draft, and I guarantee you'll thank me in the morning.