Creativity is the capacity to re-imagine, to make new and novel connections between existing concepts. 

Not the "creative" type? You can be ... 

Creativity is like a muscle: It grows and develops with exercise, practice. In other words, if you apply yourself, you can train your brain to be more artistic and imaginative, more innovative.

Creativity is like a muscle: It grows and develops with exercise, practice.

Ready to make an effort? Here's what you do:

Step 1: Open SnapChat.

Don't have SnapChat? Download it. It's free. 

Step 2: Play the alphabet game.

The mechanics are easy:

  • Spot a letter
  • Take a picture
  • Outline it with the draw tool
  • Save it to your camera roll

You can look for letters everywhere: In the clouds; in the branches of a tree; in the tangled wires underneath your desk. Your goal is to outline one letter each day for 26 days. 

But don't cheat: You can't draw an "H" in the sand at the beach. Printed letters, obviously, are also off limits. 

Step 3: Stretch your creativity. 

Too easy? Getting bored? Make the game harder. Challenge yourself to:

  • Find only capitals
  • Find every letter in order
  • Find more than one letter a day

You can also keep yourself honest and motivated by playing against someone.

Over time ... 

You'll find it easier to connect seemingly unrelated dots, which is the measure of a creative individual. Why? Because the game consistently forces you to analyze your surroundings, to dig below the surface, ever-deeper. 

The result is a steady, gradual rewiring of your perspective and thought process, elements that enable creative thinking

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