The goal of conversion copywriting is to compel action. 

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There are plenty of ways to do this: curiosity, word choice, design, contrast, brevity, shock, focus. The list goes on.

But the most persuasive tactic — by far — is providing PROOF your offer will deliver on its promise. 

For example… 

Testimonials prove. 

Reviews, case studies, well-known logos, celebrity endorsements. 

Testimonials make your prospects think: 

“If it works for them, it’ll work for me!”

Guarantees prove.

A “money-back” guarantee is good. A “double-your-money-back” guarantee is 10X better. The more courageous your guarantee, the more confident prospects will feel about making a purchase.

Guarantees make your prospects think: 

“I have nothing to lose here!”

Demonstrations prove. 

Demos are the most compelling form of proof, which is why they’re at the center of almost every consumer-product infomercial ever made. A before-and-after photo is a demonstration. So is cleaning a delicate baby duck affected by an oil spill with Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. 

Demonstrations make your prospects think: 

“Seeing is believing!”
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Why is proof so effective?

“It’s the rarest component to manufacture,” explains master copywriter, Joe Sugarman

Testimonials are hard to get.
Guarantees are scary to give.
Demonstrations need to actually work. 

That rarity engenders trust and belief, essential elements to the success of all advertising. 

And the sooner you present your proof, the better.

Gary Bencivenga is one of the greatest living copywriters. He’s written winner after winner, collecting multi-million dollar commissions. His peers call him “The World’s Best Copywriter!”

“If trust and belief are the two narrow toll gates your customers have to pass through before you get to the sale,” said Bencivenga, “then doesn’t it make sense that you’d use proof nice and early?”

In other words, don’t wait until the end — until the finale of your video, the bottom of your landing page, the conclusion of your article — to provide proof. Garner trust and belief as soon as possible — in the first frame of your video, the first section of your landing page, the first sentence of your article — and it will carry your audience through. 

That’s the way.


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