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As a teenager, I sold magazine subscriptions door-to-door.

At first it was hard and I was unsuccessful.

Then I picked up a trick that skyrocketed my conversion rate: I started getting The Prospect to agree with me.

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“Good afternoon! I’m Eddie,” I said. “Nice day, huh?”

“It is,” said The Prospect. “How can I help you?”

“Of course,” I said. “Lemme ask, do you read magazines?”

“Uh, yeh.”

“Have one in the house?”

“Sure I do.”

“Did you, by chance, buy it off the shelf… individually?”

“I did, actually,” said The Prospect.

“I bet it cost about six bucks, right?”


“Well I can sell you TWELVE issues of that same magazine for less than twenty bucks,” I said. “That’s about NINE free issues.”

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“Yeh,” said The Prospect. “I guess it is.”

“And if you sign right now, I’ll throw in a free tote bag so you can bring your magazines to the beach.”

Then I’d smile.

Sure, lots of people still declined: “No thanks, kid.”

But lots of people also smiled back and took my pen: “Why not? If I don’t I’ll just end up spending full price on the next issue!”

This technique is called harmonizing.

Asking questions that prompt affirmative answers will warm people up over the course of a short sales cycle. One “Yes” after another creates positive inertia that, come decision time, puts prospects in the mood to buy.

In other words, agreement begets agreement.

Harmonization is a manufactured feeling, one that works as well on the page as it does in person.

How to harmonize readers with your message

Think of it this way: harmonized people will literally nod their heads as they take in information.

And people nod their heads when they hear (or read) information they perceive to be:

  • TRUE: something they know to be accurate, like a fact.

  • INTERESTING: something they consider captivating, like a story.

  • VALUABLE: something they find helpful, like step-by-step instructions.

Of course, the better you understand The Prospect, the easier it will be to write copy that harmonizes her. Copy that creates inertia by way of honest, interesting, or valuable information.

So, before you start writing, always always always do your research.

Research your audience’s beliefs and interests and needs. Your goal should be to know your audience as well as you know yourself. Lofty goal, I know, but imagine how compelling your copy would be if you actually achieved it?

Go ahead. Do your best. 

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NOTE: a variation of this post appeared in my HubSpot article, How to Write Absolutely Addictive Articles.

Feel free to check it out, especially if you found this piece helpful.


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