In August 2016, Justin Bieber switched his Instagram account to "PRIVATE" mode. 

In doing so, he cut ties with 78 million followers.

I'm sure he had his reasons. I'm not judging him. That said, as a content marketer, building an audience is my profession. So I was disturbed to see him walk away from such a profound audience. An audience that only a handful of entities in the world had the ability to attract and retain. 

All that attention, all that opportunity: Gone, like a wisp of smoke. 

As a content marketer, your most valuable asset is not your content.

It's not your articles or infographics or videos or eBooks. It's your audience. 

An engaged audience, after all, is the culmination of all the hard work, all the energy and thought and grit it took to create that content. 

So, if you're skilled enough to have built an audience, don't waste it.

If you're skilled enough to have built an audience, don't waste it. 

Don't throw away all that potential attention. Respect it. Honor it consistently with relevant, quality content that adds value to your subscribers' lives.

And when the time's right, make your audience an offer. 

Because an engaged audience is just sitting there, waiting to be sold. 

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