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“And how many of us have persistence enough in following out our ideas of what is obvious?”

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The headline and subhead of this article are both in quotes because I lifted them directly from a short story.

The story was first published over a hundred years ago, in the April, 1916 issue of the Saturday Evening Post.

Over the past century, the story has been read and recommended by the greatest copywriters of their time.

Copywriters like David Ogilvy and Gary Bencivenga.

The short story is only a few thousand words long, yet it’s brimming with practical knowledge around persuasion, psychology, and the human condition.

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Ultimately, the story teaches the reader how to THINK like an effective copywriter.

And it does so in a way the reader will likely never forget.

And that’s what makes it so valuable.

(The story’s age also puts it in the public domain, which makes it completely free to access and read.)

It’s called Obvious Adams: The Story of a Successful Businessman.

If you’re a serious student of copywriting, choosing to read it is an easy decision — the obvious decision.

You can do so here.


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